How Sydney Family Lawyers Encourage Clients and Build Strong Defense?

Family disputes are always a personal matter. This is why Sydney family lawyers always have a sensitive approach towards such matters. And this is also why they are different and stand out when it comes to looking after such cases. Our lawyers are exceptional because they totally understand the emotions involved and the trauma people go through. Sydney familial solicitors assist you through each and every step, also encourages you to fight confidently in matters like pre-nuptial agreements, divorce application, child custody, separation and more. The lawyers here are tailored amazingly and provide expert advice that clearly suits your requirements and needs.

One such brilliant and helpful firm is the Dom Velcie and Co Solicitors.  If you are looking for mindful and resourceful advocates, who handle the realities practically, then this firm should be your choice. Their collaborative thinking will give you smarter outcomes.


As mentioned above that they try to give such matters a sensitive input, they first try to resolve and settle the issue outside the court, only if the case does not reach the conclusion then they will take things forward to the judge. Their speciality lies in providing you with a realistic and reasonable advice. The parties who are in the process of separation need to understand the legislative principles and norms that are enacted for the child’s guidance and for that it is necessary to have the opinion of their advocate. The common practice is where the kid resides with either mother or father and the other one is bound to spend substantial time with the kid.


It happens to be the crucial and significant step after the separation where a couple’s matrimonial assets are divided identifying the liabilities, financial resources and assets. Under the section 79(4) and also section 75(2) where the future requirements and needs are evaluated for each party and according to those factors the court ensures ‘equitable and just’ orders. Problems like unequal corporate structures, gifts, superannuation, trusts, contributions, debts and inheritance may arise in settlements of property. Sydney familial lawyers make sure that the negotiation is done accurately and with justice. They also keep you away from negativity of any kind like insecurity, revenge, spite or abusive history and get you a favourable outcome.


A good family lawyer in Sydney works according to each individual’s situation. Their proceedings involve.

  1. Documents: Here the very 1st step is gathering and preparing all the necessary documents and forms and file it for the court. The applications are to let the court make orders.
  2. Directions hearing: when the filing of documents are done with then the court gives the allocation date called as’ directions hearing’, that occurs almost 4 to 6 weeks later from the filing.
  3. Conciliation conference: here the functions include giving an opportunity for negotiation and to narrow issues a bit, if not the whole thing then only that aspect in which adjustments can be made.


When it comes to choosing from among the best Sydney family counsellor, then go ahead with Dom Velcie and Co Solicitors, as they are doing really good in this field.